Deco, Sydney

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155 Clarence Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Deco involved refurbishment and new addition to an 8-storey heritage building, including restoration and conservation of existing the facade, reinstatement and reinterpretation of the original facade at street level, and three additional storeys.

The new volume is set back from Clarence Street frontage to ensure that it creates a recessive and sympathetic backdrop, leaving the form and design features of the heritage building clearly intact. The additional storeys are further separated from the existing building by locating and recessing the plant room on the existing roof. The recess allows the glazed facade of the new commercial floors to be viewed as a distinct and visually simple form, which does not interfere with the legibility of the existing heritage facade.

The horizontal proportion of the existing heritage facade is subtly referenced in a fine screen of timber louvres behind the glazed facade of the new levels. Key design features of the original facade at Clarence Street level is reinstated and reinterpreted in a contemporary manner.

The facade of the new additional volume has a 2.3m wide by 3.8m-high glazed curtain wall panel, maximising the natural light and vista. Lightweight prefabricated concrete panels are used as floor slabs in response to the structural capacity of the existing building. Water conserving xeriscape landscaping is used on both levels 8 and 12 roof terraces.

The building has been awarded a 5 Star Green Star Design rating and 5 Star Green Star As Built rating, along with 4.5 stars NABERS rating.

St Hilliers

12,500 sqm NLA: 9,800 sqm existing; 2,650 sqm new

5 Stars Green Star Design rating 5 Stars Green Star As Built rating 4.5 Stars NABERS rating



Deco, 155 Clarence Street, Sydney
1930s Heritage Building restored