Promotions / Associates and Associate Directors

As we commence 2021, Bates Smart is thrilled to announce our new leadership appointments.

We are passionate about making positive contributions to the cities we live in, transforming them for the better. 

We believe that these leaders have, and will continue to, help us pursue this ethos. With experts across design innovation, master planning, design adaptability, client engagement and project delivery, we are extremely proud to recognise this team as Bates Smart leaders, contributing to the ongoing growth and progression of our studios.

We are proud to recognise the following individuals:

Associate Directors: Kelly Burke, Lidija Butterworth, Jonathan Claridge, Helen Cooper, Tania Gordon, Bianca Heinemann, Mark Ojascastro, Brett Staples

Associates: Chris Eggleston, Samantha Ellinson, Ray Feile, Michelle Foo, Joshua Harrex, Jason Knight, Daniel Kumnick, Matilda Leake, Joshua Mulford, Prue Perry, Hiren Sheth, Michelle Skinner

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