Celebrating Staff Promotions

Announcing new appointments is always a highlight in our practice and this year is no exception. We are delighted to congratulate our new Associates and Associate Directors and to welcome them to the leadership team at Bates Smart.

Each of these appointments has been made with great care and consideration; taking into account individual contributions to design excellence, experience and dedication to both our clients projects and the rich knowledge culture of our practice.

We are very proud to recognise these individuals amongst our talented team, each of whom contribute to the continued growth and success of our thriving studios.

Associates: Sara-Jane Bacon, Tom Cartledge, May Fong, Eamon Harrington, Marius Hatletveit, Tommy O’Daly, Jessica Page, Katie Rathbone, Richard Healy, Brent Lamb, Nora Pui, Sergio Sotelo, Jacinta Tessari.

Associate Directors: Naigel Carusi, Edwin Chew, Tamara Young, Aaron Coats, Peter Ohnrich, Roger To, Darren Paul, Ben Williams.