Opal Tower


As the architects for Opal Tower, we support the conclusive findings of the NSW Department of Planning’s independent report into the structural concerns at the building, which was released today.

There is no suggestion that the architectural design contributed to these defects.

The report detailed four specific engineering and construction defects as the cause of the structural issues:

  1. The as-constructed hob beam / panel assembly was under designed according to relevant codes and standards.
  2. The partial grouting between hob beams and panels significantly raised the levels of stress on the hob beams.
  3. Construction and material deficiencies likely precipitated the observed damage to hob beams on some levels of the building.
  4. The panel and floor slab damage on Level 10 was likely caused by the failure of the adjacent hob beam rather than being the original cause of the damage.

We are confident that the professionals working on the structural defects can remediate Opal Tower to the high standards expected of the original design, and we continue to offer our expertise and support to the rectification team.

Our practice welcomes the discussion Opal Tower has stimulated around the regulation of building practitioners. Architecture is a highly trained and regulated discipline, subject to two regulatory bodies, and it is pleasing that these rigorous standards will soon be applied more widely.

Click for the government commissioned report available on the Department of Planning website.