Northbourne Ave/ Winner of State AIA Prize

Bates Smart is incredibly proud to announce that our Northbourne Avenue project in Canberra has won the named award “The John Andrews Award for Commercial Architecture” in the Australian Institute of Architects ACT Chapter Awards this week!

The new ACT Government building introduces a 6-level campus-style building into Dickson’s developing mixed-use precinct. Inside, 13,200sqm have been designed as an activity-based workplace that shifts how the Government works, enabling people to more easily collaborate, share ideas, focus and socialise. The building is the first zero-emissions office in the ACT, sourcing all its heating, cooling and ventilation from 100% renewable energy.

Jury Citation: “The ACT Government office building marks the regeneration of both the Dickson precinct and Northbourne Avenue corridor. The building in its clear two-part form acts as a hinge where these two places meet. Each side of the building has its own glazed and grided articulated façade that sits comfortably with each other. A careful shift of geometry between the two parts creates an atrium that ensures light penetrates to the heart of every floor.”

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