COVID-19/ Studio Update 1

Bates Smart is committed to protecting the health of our people, our clients, and collaborators. We are resolved to continue delivering high quality service and project outcomes throughout the COVID-19 crisis and have developed a strategic plan to manage the risks it poses. At this stage, we intend on keeping our studios in Sydney and Melbourne open, with measures in place to protect the health and safety of our people.

Bates Smart already has a well developed business continuity plan in place which has been customised for the current crisis. We are following all relevant government guidelines in responding to COVID-19, and in addition we have initiated the following:

In our own studio we are already:
/ Promoting good hygiene
/ Limiting domestic travel to essential project related travel only
/ Requiring all staff returning from overseas to self-isolate for 14 days
/ Requiring anyone feeling unwell to stay home
/ Limiting in-person meetings
/ Cancelling attendance at all internal and external events

To assist us in limiting exposure we ask that you:
/ Use video conferencing as much as possible rather than attending meetings in person
/ Advise us if any of your team becomes infected or has contact with an infected person
/ If you do need to come into the studio, please
- sign in at reception
- use the hand sanitiser provided
- refrain from shaking hands

Should we need to temporarily deliver projects remotely we will:
/ Immediately advise you by email and phone
/ Continue to service your projects via remote working – we have scenario tested our VPN and cloud based programs and we are confident of business continuity}
/ Continue to participate in project meetings through video conferencing – Skype, Zoom and Teams meetings have all been tested

Please help us work together to reduce both the spread and duration of COVID-19, to minimise the health impacts for our people and keep our projects running smoothly.